COMO is by the name and the date of the establishment very young company (established in 2005. year), but its origins date back to the production of furniture 1995. year. At that time it was a small workshop for making furniture by order, now, COMO is a small factory equipped with the highly efficient CNC machines for wood furniture. The company is located in the industrial zone in Jagodina and is set in its own facilities total area 6.000m², Employing 90 workers.

Modeled after the world-renowned manufacturers of this type of furniture, the company has adopted a modern business system and efforts have been made that our products meet all the necessary characteristics, and above all, quality, functionality and design. In order to achieve a favorable product prices and improve quality at the highest possible level of follow world trends in technology, so that our products quickly find their way to customers.

  • mass production of furniture and furniture accessories
  • design and interior decoration and furniture by order
  • design and decoration of fair stands

To get closer to customers, that the serial program does not find elements to his taste and that do not have a concrete idea, employed in the study design and planning will help them to his office the best possible.

ComoStudio is equipped with modern computer equipment and employees in this department are trained and creative staff. The main tasks of the employees in the study design and the design of furniture and interior design, and in addition a lot of attention is focused on the production process control, quality control of finished products as well as communication with the market.

Como for three years in a row successfully participate in the furniture fairs in Belgrade, Banja Luka, Sarajevo and Skopje. We plan to participate in trade fairs and in other neighboring countries.


Multi functional children's folding chair


Chair with which you get the assembly instructions and serving as chair for seating in three different purposes: chair for seating (dining), chair (bench) for drawing and writing, rocking chair. Chair dimensions:... Read more